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Biocidas: BPR (Reg. EU 528/2012), RD 3349/83

IUCLID, SPC, R4BP3: Active Substances, Biocidal Products
RD 3349
  • R4BP 3: Sign-in and management of IT portal R4BP3, linked to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), necessary for the registration of biocidal products according to BPR or Regulation (EU) 528/2012 according to biocidal commercialization.
  • BPR: Registration of biocidal products manufactured or imported within the EU, through R4BP3 and developing dossier with the official ECHA programme IUCLID 6.
  • NATIONAL REGISTRATION – transitional period: Registration of biocidal products within Spanish member state during the transitional period, according to RD 3349/83, through Ministry of Health.
  • ROESP (ROESB): Sign-in of the company into ROESP (or ROESB), Spanish requirement necessary for making available in the market a biocidal product.
  • BIOCIDES FORMULATION: Technical advice in the election of active substances according to BPR.
  • BIOCIDES LABELLING: Technical advice for a correct biocidal products labelling according to BPR.